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Basic Commerce Year 8


Basic Commerce aims to engage students in the study of commerce, both in theory and practice, through the use of colourful graphics and thought-provoking resources. An exclusive section, Project Enterprise, gives students a chance to apply the new knowledge they have acquired to start and run a business as a project. The knowledge and practical skills students can gain from this textbook will reinforce their understanding and appreciation of commerce.

Suitable for Secondary Two/ Year Eight

  1. Insurance
  2. Instalment Trading
  3. Types of Business Organisations
  4. Rules of Double Entry and Introduction to Ledger Books
  5. Books of Original Entry and Ledger Postings
  6. General Journal 
  7. Cash Book
  8. Petty Cash Book
  9. Trial Balance
  10. Final Accounts
  11. Balance Sheet
  12. General Revision
  13. Mind Maps
  14. Project Enterprise
  15. List of Commerce Terms

Complete series contain:

  1. Textbook
  2. Workbook
  3. Teacher's Resource (for school adoption only)