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Primary Mathematics Practice Book 1A


This book includes:

  • 52 practices
  • 4 reviews

Pages are perforated and hole punched for easy filing.

Pages: 164


  1. Numbers to 10 
    Counting to 10, Comparing Numbers

  2. Addition
    Addition Stories

  3. Subtraction
    Subtraction Stories, Family of Facts

  4. Shapes
    Common Shapes, Getting to Know the Shapes, Grouping Shapes, Half Circle and Quarter Circle, Forming Shapes, Copying Figures, 

  5. Ordinal Numbers
    Naming Positions

  6. Numbers to 20
    Recall, Counting to 20, Comparing and Ordering Numbers

  7. Addition and Subtraction
    Recall, Methods of Addition, Recall, Methods of Subtraction, Methods of Addition and Subtraction

  8. Picture Graphs
    Making and Reading Pictures Graphs

  9. Numbers to 100
    Recall, Counting to 100, Number Patterns, Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Complete series contain:

  1. Textbooks (A/B)
  2. Practice Books (A/B)