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New Discovering Mathematics Pack (Sec 2)

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This pack contains:

  1. Textbooks A & B
  2. Workbooks A & B

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Textbook Key Features:

  1. Chapter openers: introduces the chapters by proving real-world context, focusing on the relevance of mathematics in our daily lives. Students can explore the subject further, fostering interest in mathematics. the learning objective for each chapter are provided in this section

  2. Activity: enhances students’ learning experiences through exploration and discovery by guiding them through relevant tasks

  3. Worked Example: illustrates the steps in solving mathematical problems to help students understand a concept or skill. Analysis in difficult problems guides students in unpacking the information and making sense of it.

  4. Try it yourself: provides a similar mathematical problem to the worked example for students to practise and consolidate their understanding.

  5. Practice exercise: Provide exercises with different difficulty levels (basic mastery, intermediate, advanced) for further practice

  6. Let’s sum up! : highlights important concepts, formulae , properties and rules for quick revision

  7. Review Exercise: provides a further exercise to reinforce understanding and consolidate learning for each chapter

  8. Maths Journals: encourages students to reflect on and communicate about the learning experiences.

  9. Revision Exercise: test mastery of what has been learnt with problems that integrate concepts and skills aught across topics.

  10. Think^2: ask questions that encourages reflection on learning to promote development of metacognitive skills

  11. Problems in real-world context: gives students opportunities to explore, model and solve problems in real life situations , allowing them to realise the relevance and utility of mathematics in our daily lives

  12. Answer Key

Workbook Key Features:

  1. Checklist: highlights essential skills and knowledge required to solve mathematical problems and allow students to monitor and self-assess proficiencies attained for each chapter. Related questions are identified for practice work. This aims to aid students to get the learning pace and make adjustment according to their own progress

  2. Word toolbox: provides examples to recall mathematical terms introduced in the textbook

  3. Pop quiz: check students’ understanding of what they have practiced and their progression for the chapter

  4. Progress Tracker: is designed to allow students to have hands-on experience in the latest examination structure and question-types

  5. Answer Key


Textbook & Workbook A

  • Chapter 1: Linear inequalities
  • Chapter 2: Linear equations in two variables
  • Chapter 3: Expansion and factorisation of algebraic expressions
  • Chapter 4: Algebraic fractions and formulae
  • Chapter 5: Quadratic function, graph and equations
  • Chapter 6: Proportion
  • Chapter 7: Congruence and similarity

Textbook & Workbook B

  • Chapter 8:Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Chapter 9:Trigonometric Ratios
  • Chapter 10:Volume and surface area of pyramids, cones and spheres
  • Chapter 11:Statistical diagrams
  • Chapter 12:Measures of central tendency
  • Chapter 13:Probability

Complete series contain:

  1. Textbooks
  2. Workbooks